Sunday, 24 May 2009

It's like waiting for Christmas...

You know when you think of a great idea and you cant stop thinking about it? A bit like the creator of the pizza i imagine. Well this is very much what I feel like at the moment, every waking hour and I'm sure even the odd hour in my sleep, I'm thinking of ways to make this as amazing as possible. I am of course refering to my big 10! I just wish it was October and I could officially start to really publicise it and get cracking - I hate waiting! I suppose at least I'm going to be very prepared once it comes round. Hopefully not only physically but mentally too. It's going to be tough but I'm ready to throw myself completely into it.... I wonder if i'll still be saying that this time next year!? Only time will tell...

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Level Best

Chilling out on a Sunday evening is something I have always practiced. It usually consisted of Corrie, a bath and the sudden thought that I had forgotten to do my homework that was due in first thing the next day. Ok, that never happened because I was always sad enough to do it the night I got it but these were sympathy thoughts for all the others in my class.
Tonight I sit here not doing any of the above, instead listening to what only can be summed up as 'my childhood in music' - Level 42. Level 42 was classic 80s cheese which I suppose sums up my life quite well!
Growing up I always wanted to play the keyboard like Mr Linup but all I could muster was my own special version of the casualty theme tune, complete with sirens! The songs transport me back to the 80s early 90s, when I was old enough to decide what I wanted to listen to and what my barbies were going to sing!
Whenever I feel sad or lonely or just simply want to relax, I know I can always rely on Mark and the gang to make me feel happy and young again. Who needs tablets when you've got Level 42!