Sunday, 29 March 2009

Level Best

Chilling out on a Sunday evening is something I have always practiced. It usually consisted of Corrie, a bath and the sudden thought that I had forgotten to do my homework that was due in first thing the next day. Ok, that never happened because I was always sad enough to do it the night I got it but these were sympathy thoughts for all the others in my class.
Tonight I sit here not doing any of the above, instead listening to what only can be summed up as 'my childhood in music' - Level 42. Level 42 was classic 80s cheese which I suppose sums up my life quite well!
Growing up I always wanted to play the keyboard like Mr Linup but all I could muster was my own special version of the casualty theme tune, complete with sirens! The songs transport me back to the 80s early 90s, when I was old enough to decide what I wanted to listen to and what my barbies were going to sing!
Whenever I feel sad or lonely or just simply want to relax, I know I can always rely on Mark and the gang to make me feel happy and young again. Who needs tablets when you've got Level 42!